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Using a Bedpan

Learn if your loved one has any moving and/or positioning restrictions. Wash your hands. Explain to your loved one what you plan to do. If the person is continent, has control, but cannot get out of bed, or it is too hard to get out of bed to use a toilet, a bedpan is used. You need a clean warm bedpan, gloves, wipes, toilet paper and a changing pad or a bath towel. Put on gloves. On three, place the person in the side lying position. Place a changing pad or towel on the back side of the person so the top lies at the waist and the bottom lies at the thighs. Leave some excess changing pad or towel, fan folded or rolled, near the edge of the buttocks. On three, turn and roll the person over onto other side. From the other side of the bed, pull the excess changing pad or towel straight. Have the person lie on the back and place her or her knees up and feet flat on the bed. Place your hand underneath the person's lower back and have the bedpan ready to slide under. On three, have the person push his or her feet down on the mattress, arching the back and pushing up the buttocks. Help the person by lifting up on the lower back. Slide the bedpan under the buttocks making sure the anus and urethra are centered over the bedpan.

Give the person privacy. If the person can wipe him or herself, leave toilet paper. When you are called for, come back. Have the person arch and raise the buttocks, then carefully slide out the bedpan. 
There is another approach if the person cannot lift up the buttocks. On three, place the person on his or her side. Place the bedpan on the center of the buttocks. On three, have the person lean back as you push down on the bedpan, push the pan between the bed and the person. 

Once the person is completely on his or her back, make sure the bedpan is centered. 

To remove the used bedpan, securely hold the bedpan and carefully, on three, turn the person on his or her side away from you. Remove the pan. If the person cannot clean him or herself, keep or on three, turn the person on his or her side away from you. Wipe the genital and buttock area from front to back with toilet paper. For each wipe, use a new tissue. Once finished wiping, the changing pad or bath towel is rolled up or fan folded near the edge of the buttocks. Turn and roll the person over to the other side and remove changing pad or towel. Empty the bedpan in the toilet, wash out the pan with a pitcher of water and disinfectant soap pouring out the wash water into the toilet. Clean the bedpan with a disinfectant. Take off the gloves and wash your hands. Before, during, and after giving care, take the appropriate safety precautions, and make sure the person is safe and secure from falling.